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Add Portable Font Resource `application/font-tdpfr`

Mark Ultra requested to merge okeeblow/shared-mime-info:rfc3073_tdpfr into master

Bitstream's TrueDoc Portable Font Resource format is part of several digital TV broadcast specifications and is documented as RFC 3073:

   Magic number(s): 50 46 52 30 hex
   File extension(s): PFR
   Macintosh File Type Code(s): Creator: 'b$pw' Type: 'PFR '

There is also a newer version of the format with 50 46 52 31 hex (PFR1), such as the test file included here. libmagic also recognizes PFR1:

The Bitstream specifications are available from Wayback Machine:

"The PFR specification defines the Bitstream portable font resource (PFR), which is a compact, platform-independent format for representing high-quality, scalable outline fonts. Many independent organizations responsible for setting digital TV standards have adopted the PFR font format as their standard font format, including:

  • ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee)
  • DAVIC (Digital Audio Visual Council)
  • DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)
  • DTG (Digital TV Group)
  • MHP (Multimedia Home Platform)
  • ISO/IEC 16500-6:1999
  • OCAP (OpenCable Application Platform)"

Per RFC 3073, "The PFR media type has been previously registered with IANA as application/vnd.truedoc. In view of its subsequent widespread adoption as a standard font format by multiple standards bodies who have relationships with the Internet community, Bitstream has been asked to re-register this media type within the IETF tree."

This format was once supported for downloadable web fonts in Netscape 4.x.

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