Move '*.blend' to top of Blender glob list

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The globs for Blender scene files listed three possible variations, with "*.blender" first, followed by two variations on "*.blend" (lowercase and all-caps). This reflects an apparent bias in the data generally for placing longer globs before shorter ones.

But Blender names its scene files filename.blend and always has. I've never even heard of the ".blender" extension, nor have I seen it used anywhere.

I'm willing to assume that it's valid somewhere, but having it listed first is problematic because some tools (e.g. GNOME Control Center) show only the first glob when describing a filetype.

As a result, its interface is claiming that Blender is the default application for "*.blender" files, which aren't really a thing:


There is also precedent for listing a shorter glob ahead of longer ones. The Perl globs, for example, are:

    <glob pattern="*.pl"/>
    <glob pattern="*.PL"/><!-- CPAN-style Perl build script -->
    <glob pattern="*.pm"/><!-- module -->
    <glob pattern="*.al"/><!-- autoloader -->
    <glob pattern="*.perl"/>
    <glob pattern="*.pod"/><!-- documentation -->
    <glob pattern="*.t" weight="10"/><!-- CPAN-style Perl test script -->

(Because, there again, *.perl files aren't a thing.)

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