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Add xdg-user-dirs

Elsie Hupp requested to merge elsiehupp/pyxdg:user-dirs into master

Fixes #4.

Adapted from xdg-user-dir-lookup.


  • This does not include unit tests (as xdg-user-dirs did not include them, either), but it basically seems to work.
  • I've made this a separate merge request from !12 because one doesn't depend on the other.

I see that you (@takluyver) have commented that you aren't interested in adding new features. The functionality I'm adding here is not core, per se, but:

  • it's directly based on an existing XDG implementation also hosted on this Gitlab,
  • it's been an open Issue for over a decade, and
  • this repository is in some sense "official", being in the xdg group on the Freedesktop Gitlab, rather than on your personal GitHub account, it seems a bit... problematic to shut down major updates.

FWIW a more "open" approach might be to host the Python reference implementations of the various XDG standards individually alongside the C reference implementations where they exist. (Alternately, some of the implementations could probably be incorporated upstream into the Python standard library.)

Personally I would just rather not have to reinvent the wheel when trying to follow XDG standards, and being able to import reference implementations from a standard library of some sort seems more robust than copying and pasting code.

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