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compositor: add wlr_surface_synced

Simon Ser requested to merge emersion/wlroots:surface-synced into master


  • Error handling
  • Docs
  • init/merge/finish for non-trivial states
  • I don't like these void *, maybe it'd be worth having an empty struct wlr_surface_synced_state?
  • Maybe should have destroy in wlr_surface_synced_synced_impl, to replace wlr_addon for this specific use-case?
  • Maybe should init/finish current/pending, instead of leaving it up to the caller

The upside of this solution is that most synced states are trivial and thus only need 2 lines of code to add support for. Also, state access is a fast array access and we could use a single allocation for all state data if we wanted to: !4495. The downside is that we're storing void * pointers and this might be micro-optimization.

Alternative to !3151 (closed)

Breaking change: wlr_tearing_control_v1.hint has been renamed to current, and its type changed from uint32_t to enum wp_tearing_control_v1_presentation_hint.

Edited by Simon Ser

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