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output: introduce request_state event

Simon Ser requested to merge github/fork/emersion/output-request-state into master

This allows backends to request the compositor to change the state of an output.

Sway PR:

wlr_output_state is re-used here, and part of it is not useful for the purposes of request_state. For instance, the backend should never need to request a specific buffer to be pushed. I think the backends will mostly stick to mode/enable and perhaps scale/transform when nested (X11/Wayland backend, or DRM backend in a VM). We could just copy over the fields we need, but it's probably not worth it.

Breaking change: Backends no longer change the output mode behind the compositor's back. To retain the previous behavior, compositors can listen to the request_state event and call wlr_output_commit_state.

cc @ammen99 @hedgepigdaniel

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