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[WIP] Implement surface-layers protocol

Simon Ser requested to merge github/fork/emersion/surface-layers into master
  • Implement surface-layers in wlroots
  • Implement surface-layers in rootston
    • Render at correct position
    • Input types (pointer)
    • Exclusive types: pointer
    • Exclusive types: keyboard
    • Render and send inputs at correct z-depth
    • Exclusive zones N/A
  • Build a test client
    • Basic version
    • CLI flags to control everything
  • Protocol changes
    • Negative margins
    • Errors
    • Double-buffered state
    • Fix non-exclusive pointer events
    • Fix non-exclusive keyboard events
    • Add a configure event
  • Bug fixes
    • Invalid margin: -100,100
    • More than 2 anchors sends a configure request
  • Push back protocol changes to sway-protocols

Protocol spec:

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