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color management

Devin Bayer requested to merge github/fork/akvadrako/color-profiles into master

This patch adds some basic color management by using the lcms2 library. I first tried to use the higher-level libplacebo but integration was a mess. The changes to the shaders is pretty simple, so it was easier to just do it manually.

Some notes:

  • The compositor can assign ICC profiles to wlr_surface and wlr_renderer. They are used when rendering textures and rectangles.
  • The default is a built-in sRGB profile.
  • If the input and output profiles match, the conversion is skipped.
  • Currently it depends on some OpenGL extensions.
    • GL_EXT_texture_norm16 - this is required for 16-bit integer color lookup table. We could fallback to 8-bit ints or even floats without much trouble.
    • GL_OES_texture_3D - this is used to create the 3D CLUT. It could be done with a 1D or 2D lookup also - I don't know if there are performance considerations. If this doesn't exist, the color conversion is just skipped. However I do use glTexImage3D from the gl32.h header.
    • I wasn't sure if we need to stick to ES 2.0. ES 3.0 is 8 years old now.
  • It doesn't seem to affect full-screen apps.

I did some benchmarks - with color conversion turned on during a almost fullscreen movie, my iGPU uses about 0.1W more and runs a few Mhz higher. glmark2 scores go down by about 5%. When color conversion is turned off, the difference was negligible from current master.

See also #1378 (closed).

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