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Simon Ser requested to merge github/fork/acrisci/feature/subcompositor into master

Created by: acrisci

Test with weston-subsurfaces and clicking menus on gnome-calculator.

Currently crashes with weston-subsurfaces -r1 and on synchronized subsurfaces on surface commits (the green circle) because I'm forgetting to clean up a buffer somewhere, but it's pretty close.

One of the buttons on gnome-calculator will try to get an xdg positioning anchor, so after this is ready, we can actually do the xdg-toplevel.

I wonder if there is any client that actually uses arbitrarily nested subsurfaces and depends on all the little rules.


  • fix weston-subsurfaces -r1 -t1
  • treat xdg-toplevel and subsurfaces as one window for input/seat events in Rootston
  • find and test a client with subsurface depth > 1
  • clean up surface commit
  • subsurface stacking requests
  • subsurface interface errors
  • subsurface parent destroy

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