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    protocol: crop & scale RFC v3 · f565d80f
    Pekka Paalanen authored
    Add cropping and scaling to wl_surface.
    Add a global factory interface wl_scaler, which creates
    wl_scaler_surface objects tied to a given wl_surface. The
    wl_scaler_surface object can be used to set a cropping and scaling
    transformation to change how a wl_buffer maps to wl_surface contents.
    Changes in v2:
    Take into account buffer_transform and buffer_scale, and try to explain
    more clearly how the coordinate transformations work and what their
    order is. Add, that crop and scale state is double-buffered. Explain
    missing dst_x, dst_y.  Clarify that undefined content still is some
    content, but NULL buffer implies no content nor size.
    Changes in v3:
    Disallow zero values for dst_width and dst_height.
    Open issues:
    Should this be a separate interface like here, or just a wl_surface
    If we keep this as a separate interface, rename wl_surface_scaler to
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