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    weston: add more libinput config options · 6e229ca2
    Eric Toombs authored
    This is so that, for instance, people using weston as their main Wayland
    compositor can invert the sense of two finger scrolling or change
    pointer acceleration using weston.ini, rather than having to edit C
    All of the options that libinput itself exposes through its API are now
    exposed in weston.ini.  The new options are called `tap-and-drag`,
    `tap-and-drag-lock`, `disable-while-typing`, `middle-emulation`,
    `left-handed`, `rotation`, `accel-profile`, `accel-speed`,
    `scroll-method`, `natural-scroll`, and `scroll-button`. I have
    successfully tested everything except for `rotation`, out of a lack of
    hardware support.
    weston now depends directly on libevdev for turning button name strings into
    kernel input codes. This was needed for the `scroll-button` config
    option. (weston already depends indirectly on libevdev through
    libinput, so I figured people would be OK with this.) As a practical
    matter for debian-style packagers, weston now has a build dependency on
    Right now, the code applies the same options to all attached devices
    that a given option is relevant for. There are plans for multiple
    [libinput] sections, each with different device filters, for users who
    need more control here.
    Signed-off-by: Eric Toombs's avatarEric Toombs <3672-ewtoombs@users.noreply.gitlab.freedesktop.org>
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