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libweston/desktop, desktop-shell: Add getters for pending state

Marius Vlad requested to merge mvlad/weston:wip/mvlad/get_maximzed into main

This introduces a few getters to retrieve the pending state from libweston-desktop, now just libweston, and makes use of it, specifically get_pending_maximized to avoid sending invalid dimensions to the client in the particular use case set_maximized/unset_fullscreen.

These pending state getters are useful to query/poke a not-applied yet state, and could be useful where we don't have a buffer attached where the client might be set-up as maximized, but internally libweston hasn't yet applied that pending state.

Fixes #645 (closed)

Suggested-by: Morgane Glidic Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad

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