xwm: Don't send synthetic ConfigureNotify to windows that were mapped O-R

Merged Derek Foreman requested to merge derekf/weston:OR_crash into main

It's entirely possible, if ridiculous, for an X11 client to change a window's override redirect flag while it's mapped. If this changes from true to false we will start receiving Configure requests for the window.

That leads us to a crash when we try to query the window's current position from the shell to send a configure notify event, as the shell doesn't know about the surface.

Instead of trying to cleverly handle this, just go back to the behaviour these clients would've seen before commit cf5aca5a and don't send them a synthetic configure notify.

Do log the request though, so we can determine if this is something widespread that needs more attention.

Signed-off-by: Derek Foreman derek.foreman@collabora.com

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