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Exposing testing harness/framework to other libweston-based compositors

Marius Vlad requested to merge mvlad/weston:wip/mvlad/test-harness into main

In short this series installs the headers (fixture, client helpers and the testsuite-data) and the static libraries to allow other compositors re-use the testing harness for writing specific tests for libweston-based compositors.

It adds a test-dev-install meson option as a build-time option to avoid installing it by default.

This series:

  • installs the libweston-test and libweston-test-runner static libraries which tests can link to
  • install shared library needed to create the idle task to actually start the test
  • installs the headers (client helpers, compositor fixture and testsuite-data headers)
  • removes dependencies from headers and adds them in the test so they can be included freely from other tests
  • makes public some of the objects that were in testharness_private
  • adds the ability to use a different screenshooter as weston_screenshooter is a private extension to weston
  • adds a way to pass additional arguments to the compositor instance and removes the shell option in case the compositor doesn't load one
  • adds test-dev-install meson option to install all the above only when specified

With these added I can successfully link and write tests out-of-tree and re-use the client helpers to bind to a different screenshooter extension and point it to a different screenshooter function.

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