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backend-drm: make libdisplay-info mandatory

Pekka Paalanen requested to merge pq/weston:mr/di_only into main

Making libdisplay-info a mandatory dependency allows us to drop this old code.

Future new features will require libdisplay-info to work, and would not get fallback code anyway.

While libdisplay-info ABI will not break, it will bump SONAME on every new 0.x release until 1.0 is out. This means Weston must be built and ran with libdisplay-info 0.1.* exactly. When Weston starts using new API from libdisplay-info, the requirement will bump to 0.2.*.

Is it ok to add this hard dependency to DRM-backend now, or do we need to wait for libdisplay-info 1.0 which would stop bumping SONAME?

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