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kiosk-shell: bind key to weston surface

sophia gong requested to merge sophia/weston:main into main

weston surface displays on fullscreen mode with kiosk shell, multiple surfaces overlap each other when running client applications on the same output monitor. This is to bind a key to an application's weston surface, then it's able to display this specific surface on monitor top level via sending an activate keyboard event to it.

usage: set a key to an application app-id in weston.ini app-ids=org.freedesktop.weston.transformed:a,org.freedesktop.weston.simple-egl:b

run application weston-transformed and weston-simple-egl, press 'Alt+a' and 'Alt+b' to switch display between these two applications.

Signed-off-by: Sophia Gong

Edited by sophia gong

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