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    libweston: begin color-lcms plugin · 5e79dd48
    Pekka Paalanen authored
    This creates the color-lcms plugin that in the future will be using
    Little CMS as the color matching module, processing ICC profiles, and
    producing HDR tone mappings.
    Right now, this new plugin is functionally equivalent to the no-op color
    manager, except it already links to lcms2 and checks that the renderer
    supports color operations.
    Color-lcms is a libweston plugin that is loaded with explicit
    weston_compositor API. This does not currently allow loading alternative
    color manager plugins. External color manager plugins might be
    considered in the future when the libweston APIs around color management
    This libweston plugin uses the same build option as the old cms-static
    Weston plugins, as they both need lcms2. The minimum version for lcms2
    was chosen by what Debian Buster provides today and for no other reason.
    This plugin intends to support the Wayland CM&HDR protocol extension and
    hence sets supports_client_protocol to true. This will expose the