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    libweston: remove fbdev backend · b3ba1bec
    Pekka Paalanen authored
    Fbdev backend was deprecated in the Weston 10.0.0 release with
    6338dbd5. Before that, I suggested
    already in 2019 to remove it, but it was too soon then. Now it seems the
    final voices asking for fbdev to be kept have been satisfied, see the
    linked issue.
    Fbdev-backend uses a kernel graphics UAPI (fbdev) which is sub-par for a
    Wayland compositor: you cannot do GPU accelerated graphics in any
    reasonable way, no hotplug support, multi-output support is tedious, and
    so on. Most importantly, Linux has deprecated fbdev a long time ago due
    to the UAPI fitting modern systems and use cases very poorly, but cannot
    get rid of it if any users remain. Let's do here what we can to reduce
    fbdev usage.
    I am doing color management related additions to libweston which require
    adding checks to every backend. One backend less is less churn to write
    and review.
    Libweston major version has already been bumped to 11, so the next
    release will be Weston 11, withou...