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    gitlab-ci: build and install LittleCMS version 2.16 · 39ada71c
    Leandro Ribeiro authored
    When using some features from LittleCMS in our CI, we are seeing some
    crashes on the address sanitizer. Bumping the LittleCMS version fixes
    that. So build and install a more recent version of LittleCMS on our CI.
    We chose version 2.16 because it introduces the function
    cmsGetToneCurveSegment(). We already make extensive use of that in our
    codebase, so it is a good idea to have that on our CI as well.
    Now color-curve-segments.c will start to get build on the CI, as
    HAVE_CMS_GET_TONE_CURVE_SEGMENT will be true. So we also fix a minor
    issue in which we were comparing int with uint in this file, what was
    caught after experimenting bumping the LittleCMS version.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLeandro Ribeiro <>