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    Remove the wl_visual interface · c640571c
    Kristian H. Kristensen authored
    The visual interface was meant to be a generic mechanism for
    specifying the content of a buffer.  It goes back to before we had the
    buffer factory interfaces (like wl_drm and wl_shm) and we wanted to
    keep it open-ended enough that yuv, png or even svg buffer or so would
    be possible.
    Now that we have the buffer abstraction, we can add different buffer
    types by introducing new interfaces that create buffers.  It only
    makes sense to leave it to those interfaces to specify the contents of
    the buffers.
    For wl_shm, this means that we now just specify the pixel format using
    an enum.  For EGL buffers, the exact pixel formats are controlled by
    the implementation (part of wl_drm and similar), and from the client
    point of view, everything is controlled using EGLConfigs.
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