xdg-shell: Clarify what a toplevel by default includes

xdg-shell assumes that the client provides all parts of a toplevel window, i.e. things like titlebar, drop shadow. There are already things here and there implies it, but it could be helpful to spell it out.

This doesn't change any semantics - it's still valid, from the perspective of the protocol, to create a toplevel without any decorations, and it always has been, it just means that the semantical intention is for them to be exactly so.

Signed-off-by: Jonas Ådahl jadahl@gmail.com

There still seems to be some confusion about this, so attempting to put into words what is, and has always been, the expectations of what a client puts into an xdg-toplevel. It doesn't change any semantics, it just tries to make it clear that without any extension, a client is meant to provide all the visual content that makes up a "window" on the screen.

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