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staging/content-type: alternative content type hint support

Xaver Hugl requested to merge Zamundaaa/wayland-protocols:content-type into main

I don't think content type should be tied to HDMI, or really any display behavior at all, so I adjusted !117 (closed) to be more general and not rely on HDMI or DRM definitions of content types. I still described a bit how a compositor would best present them in order to stay sort of compatible with it, but tbh that could be removed as well - content types "photo", "video" and "game" should be pretty self-explanatory both for what they mean and for what compositors would do with them (at least in regard to image processing).

Some use cases not tied to the HDMI spec or image processing that I have in mind would be changing the active mode, enabling / disabling vrr, changing vrr behavior (in regards to cursor updates), changing the latency policy, putting an fps counter on top of games, changing the display brightness, choosing what surfaces are best to put on overlay planes, that sort of stuff.

Closes #15 (closed)


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