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Draft: Add xdg-splash protocol

Mark Bolhuis requested to merge markbolhuis/wayland-protocols:xdg-splash into main

This protocol adds support for splash surfaces with a new xdg_surface role. A client can use this protocol during application startup to show a simple graphic and/or to show loading progress.

Signed-off-by: Mark Bolhuis

Previously there was some limited discussion on splash surfaces #67. This MR follows up with a draft.

Some rationale for some of the decisions:

  • This is a surface role: A client should not be permitted to self-center, which leaves the compositor free to display it any way it wants.
  • Do not use xdg_toplevel as a fallback: Toplevel is simply not a suitable role. Splashes cannot be maximized, fullscreened, etc... Tiling compositors will tile them which is undesirable behavior.

An open question:

  • What policy should we take on input events? Typically splash surfaces have little if any interactive controls. Does it make sense to allow clients to use a splash surface for user interaction?

I'm currently working on a set of weston patches that add splash functionality. This is my first time drafting a protocol so please bear with me if I've missing anything obvious.

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