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WIP: ext-sensitive-context-v1: new protocol

Leon Henrik Plickat requested to merge Leon-Plickat/wayland-protocols:main into main

The motivation for this protocol is to provide a unified way for clients to request surfaces to be shown in sensitive context, such as a locked session as recently introduced by the new ext-session-lock-v1 protocol (!131 (merged)). That protocol states that surfaces by clients other than the session-locker may be shown at the compositors discretion. This makes sense for certain desktop widgets, such as notifications or perhaps status panels for example. I believe an additional protocol for clients to request this for their surfaces is needed, as otherwise the compositor would either have to "guess" based on heuristics or not allow this at all. Additionally this protocol allows clients to know when their surface is to be displayed during a sensitive context, so that they can update the contents accordingly, for example to hide private information.

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