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    pointer-gestures: add hold gestures · 824cea61
    Peter Hutterer authored and Simon Ser's avatar Simon Ser committed
    Hold gestures merely denote "there are fingers on the touchpad but they are
    not moving". As touchpad touches are generally fully abstracted, a client
    cannot currently know when a user is interacting with the touchpad without
    moving - no motion events will be sent in this case.
    The two use-cases here are:
    - hold-to-interact: where a hold gesture is active for some time
      a menu could pop up, or some object is selected, etc.
    - hold-to-cancel: where e.g. kinetic scrolling is currently active, the start
      of a hold gesture can be used to stop the scroll
    Since hold gestures by definition do not have movement, there is no need for
    an "update" stage in the gesture.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Hutterer <>