vrend: add meson option to treat gl errors as non-fatal

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Treating all GL errors as fatal has lead to several unexpected production breakages, where ignored errors were otherwise non-disruptive.

For the short-term, we need an option to disable fatal error checking, while figuring out a long-term plan for mitigating production breakages.

Signed-off-by: Ryan Neph ryanneph@google.com

This is a re-proposal of a commit from !793 (a035ba0d) that was never merged.

On the ChromeOS side, at least for the short term, we'd like to make GL errors non-fatal in our production builds, given the issues we've had in recent history.

For upstream, this shouldn't change anything, as GL errors are still fatal by default.

We would really like to merge this today so we can unblock on our side.

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