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shader: refactor vrend_shader.c for clarity

Ryan Neph requested to merge ryanneph/virglrenderer:refactor_shader into master

struct dump_ctx is passed-by-pointer to nearly every function in vrend_shader.c as a monolithic data container, although none or only a few of its members are reassigned during each function call.

This patch refactors vrend_shader.c with a preference towards passing "const struct *dump_ctx" instead, and additionally passing affected members of dump_ctx by non-const pointer when reassignment of member values is required.

This makes it easier to understand the effects of each function call on the state of struct dump_ctx and should make it simpler to identify the causes of TGSI to GLSL conversion issues in the future.

Signed-off-by: Ryan Neph

Issue #179 (closed)

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