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Add tweak interface and make the application of some tweaks possible

This series adds support for two types of tweaks:

  1. emulating BGRx textures on GLES by using swizzled RGBx textures. The incentive is that a number of games use BGRA_sRGB as target surfaces in desktop applications and since this texture format type is normally not available on GLES the rendering and blitting falls back to using BGRx_UNORM, which results in too dark rendering. By using these swizzled surfaces this problem can be alleviated and the rendering is corrected (related: #94 (closed) #91 (closed))

  2. Emulate occulsion queries with GL_SAMPLES_PASSED by using GL_ANY_SAMPLES_PASSED and replacing the boolen value by some number that can be configured as tweak (default is 1024). This solves rendering issues with Portal and Metro LL.

The mesa side is: mesa/mesa!626 (merged)

Edited by Gert Wollny

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