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vkr: validate queueCount at device creation

Ryan Neph requested to merge ryanneph/virglrenderer:rn-validate-queuecount into main

Pre-caches QueueFamilyProperties at physical device enumeration and validates queueCount during VkCreateDevice().

Subsequent vkGetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties() use the cached data.

(moved from guest-side: mesa/mesa!25255 (closed))

Ran a short local sanity check on 9th-gen intel (anv) via vtest:

deqp-vk -n dEQP-VK.*queue*

Test run totals:
  Passed:        16664/40187 (41.5%)
  Failed:        0/40187 (0.0%)
  Not supported: 23523/40187 (58.5%)
  Warnings:      0/40187 (0.0%)
  Waived:        0/40187 (0.0%)

/cc @zzyiwei

Edited by Ryan Neph

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