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vrend: Virtio GPU 3D acceleration for windows

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Hello! This series of changes spanning across multiple repositories introduce support for 3d accelerated virtiogpu windows guests.

Demo image

Wglgears window is rendered with wgl on virgl and window below it is cube rendered with d3d10umd on virgl.

How to test

NOTE: This driver does have some rendering glitches and might crash. Try at your own risk. 0. Create qemu windows VM with VirtIO GPU with 3d acceleration enabled. It is highly recommended to use "disposable" virtual machine to test, loss of data might occur.

  1. Use patched version of virglrenderer from this repo branch viogpu_win
  2. Compile from source OR download pre-built drivers.
  3. Install drivers on target VM. Note: if drivers were not signed you need to manually select them in device manager.

Known issues

  • FIXED: Frames displayed on screen are lagging behind

  • FIXED: D3d10 clearing color is not supported

  • FIXED: D3d10 applications using DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_DISCARD and DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_SEQUENTIAL are not displayed.

  • Rendering glitches in WinUI3 apps.

    There are some rendering glitches in apps based on WinUI3 (maybe other apps too), best way to see them is to install WinUI3 Gallery from microsoft store and navigate around it. Haven't yet invistigated.

  • Vscode (possibly other electron apps) does not render

    Black window. Requires implementation of PIPE_QUERY_TIMESTAMP_DISJOINT in virglrenderer.

  • No preemption

    Kernel-mode driver does not implement preemption, and i am very confised about how to implement it in WDDM. VioGpu3D disables preemption systemwide to workaround lack of preemption implementation, but this is not ideal. Would appreciate some help.


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