WIP: vkr: handle render worker crash gracefully

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Let me reuse the added comment as the MR description:

   /* The current implementation for renderer ping is Option A:
    * - When this call goes through, returning VK_SUCCESS means the renderer is alive.
    * - If the renderer is gone, the driver side will abort with a trivial timeout.
    * This is simple and works robustly after we have relaxed the lock between renderer
    * and ring cmd submissions.
    * The other options considered are as below:
    * - Base work for both options: Add a new client op into render protocol for renderer
    *   worker status check. Server side has the worker records and knows exactly which
    *   render workers are alive.
    * - Option B: Add a new synchronous virtgpu ioctl for renderer ping. Proxy context
    *   will ask renderer server for its corresponding render worker status and return.
    * - Option C: Reuse the vkGetRendererStatus100000MESA query. Proxy context has to:
    *   - hijack the reply shmem creation for this query or preserve a shmem in advance
    *   - hijack the renderer status query cmd, ping the server and write the reply
    *   - hijack the followed cpu fence submission for this and retire it properly

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