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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 1.5
    79f1506a · Bump version to 1.5 ·
    Release: 1.5
    Bump Version to 1.5
  • 1.4
    c3d1a9db · Bump version to 1.4 ·
    Release: 1.4
    This version adds 10,12-Bit decode support.
    This version of libvdpau Adds HEVC Main 10/12 and HEVC Main 444 10/12
    decode support in VDPAU API by Adding new profiles present in
    Range Extension profiles.Also Adds new VdpChromaTypes for 16bit.
  • 1.3
    f57a9904 · Bump version to 1.3 ·
    Release: 1.3
    This release of libvdpau switches the build system from automake & autoconf to
    meson and adds definitions to support decoding of the VP9 video format.
  • libvdpau-1.2
    eac13934 · Bump version to 1.2 ·
    Release: libvdpau-1.2
    This version of libvdpau adds new chroma types defining whether surfaces contain
    frames or fields, and a new picture parameter structure that supports HEVC
    4:4:4 pictures.
  • libvdpau-1.1.1
    af517f56 · Bump version to 1.1.1 ·
    Release: libvdpau-1.1.1
    libvdpau versions 1.1 and earlier, when used in setuid or setgid applications,
    contain vulnerabilities related to environment variable handling that could
    allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or overwrite arbitrary files.  See
    CVE-2015-5198, CVE-2015-5199, and CVE-2015-5200 for more details.
    This release uses the secure_getenv() function, when available, to fix these
    problems. On platforms where secure_getenv() is not available, libvdpau will use
    a fallback implementation.
    If you use the NVIDIA .run installer packages, please see for additional information.
    This release also adds tracing of HEVC picture structures to libvdpau_trace.
  • libvdpau-1.1
    0962da95 · Bump version to 1.1 ·
    This release fixes a bug in the new VdpPictureInfoHEVC structure: the
    column_width_minus1 and row_height_minus1 arrays had the wrong dimensions.  To
    avoid the incorrect structure being used, the profile numbers for the HEVC
    profiles have been changed.  Please use the new profiles rather than the ones
    from libvdpau 1.0.
  • libvdpau-1.0
    686633d2 · Bump version to 1.0 ·
    This release adds support for the following HEVC / H.265 profiles:
  • libvdpau-0.9
    1836c6bc · Bump version to 0.9 ·
    This release adds several new decoder profiles:
    In addition, this release includes a number of packaging and compiler warning
    fixes and clarifies the ABI policy to include the size of the data structures
    defined in vdpau.h.  It also fixes a race condition that could be triggered when
    two threads call VdpDeviceCreateX11 simultaneously.
  • libvdpau-0.8
    6dd2fa1f · Bump version to 0.8 ·
    This release fixes an incorrect type for VdpPictureInfo and adds an environment
    variable, VDPAU_DRIVER_PATH, which can be used to override the default search
    path that the library uses to find its backend driver libraries.
  • libvdpau-0.7
    7748591f · Bump version to 0.7 ·
    This release fixes a file descriptor leak when the library is initialized, and
    adds support for the DRI_PRIME environment variable, so that the appropriate
    DRI2 device is queried.
    It also fixes a few compile-time warnings and a Coverity dead code warning.
  • libvdpau-0.6
    5a596968 · Bump version to 0.6 ·
    This release fixes building with a nonstandard dri2proto location and fixes (and
    adds a test for) a bug that causes XCloseDisplay to crash if the program tries
    to create a VDPAU device and then dlcloses libvdpau before closing the display
  • libvdpau-0.5
    36556661 · Bump version to 0.5 ·
    Adobe Flash player workarounds, plus a memory leak fix.
  • libvdpau-0.4.1
    c4a2273e · Bump version to 0.4.1 ·
    Minor documentation updates.
  • libvdpau-0.4
    76fdf83a · Bump version to 0.4 ·
    Use DRI2 to query the driver name from the server on a per-X-screen basis.
  • libvdpau-0.3
    72c3ea0d · Bump version to 0.3 ·
    Move VDPAU drivers to their own module directory.
    Build documentation.
    Update version defines.
  • libvdpau-0.2
    libvdpau 0.2