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Draft: Support enabling battery charge limits from UPower for GNOME Settings

Jelle van der Waa requested to merge jelly/upower:battery-charge-limit into master

This adds support for enabling the charge limits via UPower for Desktop's/DE's. The thresholds are not configurable via a configuration file but via hwdb so vendors can override them if desired based on a DMI string. UPower will save the configured state (enabled/disabled) in it's state directory so the charge limits are re-applied on boot if the firmware doesn't "save" charge thresholds.

This notably only supports devices with a start and end charge control threshold. Sadly some laptops LG, Asus do not (yet?) support setting both thresholds.

GNOME Control center issue about setting charge limits

Something which is likely needed for a follow up is a way to distinguish the battery icon in GNOME for when a battery has limits applied.

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