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    qmlglsink: add win32 support · 3be4b85a
    Matthew Waters authored
    The current state of c++ ABI's on Window's and Gst's/Qt's conflicting
    mingw builds means that we cannot use mingw for building the qt plugin.
    Instead, a qmake .pro file is provided that is expected to be used with the
    msvc binaries provided by Qt like so:
    (with the PATH environment variable containing the path to the qt biniaries
    and PKG_CONFIG_PATH containing the path to GStreamer modules)
    cd /path/to/sources/gst-plugins-bad/ext/qt
    qmake -tp vc
    Then open the resulting VS project and build the library.  Then
    cp debug/libgstqtsink.dll /path/to/prefix/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstqtsink.cll
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