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    Add functionality to allow fontconfig data structure serialization. · cd2ec1a9
    Patrick Lam authored
    This patch allows the fundamental fontconfig data structures to be
        serialized. I've converted everything from FcPattern down to be able to
        use *Ptr objects, which can be either static or dynamic (using a union
        which either contains a pointer or an index) and replaced storage of
        pointers in the heap with the appropriate *Ptr object. I then changed
        all writes of pointers to the heap with a *CreateDynamic call, which
        creates a dynamic Ptr object pointing to the same object as before.
        This way, the fundamental fontconfig semantics should be unchanged; I
        did not have to change external signatures this way, although I did
        change some internal signatures. When given a *Ptr object, just run *U
        to get back to a normal pointer; it gives the right answer regardless
        of whether we're using static or dynamic storage.
    I've also implemented a Fc*Serialize call. Calling FcFontSetSerialize
        converts the dynamic FcFontSets contained in the config object to
        static FcFontSets and also converts its dependencies (e.g. everything
        you'd need to write to disk) to static objects. Note that you have to
        call Fc*PrepareSerialize first; this call will count the number of
        objects that actually needs to be allocated, so that we can avoid
        realloc. The Fc*Serialize calls then check the static pointers for
        nullness, and allocate the buffers if necessary. I've tested the
        execution of fc-list and fc-match after Fc*Serialize and they appear to
        work the same way.
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