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Draft: color-representation rewrite

Sebastian Wick requested to merge wip/color-repr/rewrite into color-representation

Contains whole history and is not squashed down, so best way to view it is to look at the xml file at the HEAD.

Essentially a complete rewrite of the protocol:

  • much closer in design to the color-management protocol
  • color representation objects are immutable objects that can be set on surfaces
  • color representation objects are created by a temporary creator object
  • CICP code points are replaced with wayland enums
  • everything is advertised
  • arbitrary matrix coefficients for electrical and optical values can be set

Mostly looking for feedback before investing more time.

Still has rough edges:

  • chroma_location enum is not implemented
  • range enum is not is not implemented
  • the interaction with pixel format channels (RGB, YCbCr, ...) is not defined
  • ...
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