Revert "reds: start QXL devices if VM is running" (fix race)

Due to reds->vm_running being initialized to TRUE (since c302e12c "spice.h: add entries for tracking vm state") the assumption in c23cbd6f "reds: start QXL devices if VM is running" was wrong and we can't check on vm_running until that initalization isn't on TRUE (it is that way for backward compatibility).

Without this revert on qemu initializing spice we will have the display_init side of qemu not yet ready and therefore respond badly when spice sends an event as raction to red_qxl_start: "qxl_send_events: spice-server bug: guest stopped, ignoring."

At least with qemu > v2.0 as a spice consumer is not showing issues as red_qxl_start will be called just after the qemu side is ready qemu_spice_display_start -> spice_server_vm_start ... red_qxl_start.

Therefore - for now to avoid the current regression - Revert c23cbd6f "reds: start QXL devices if VM is running" until that old (2012) initialization is updated (probably an ABI change and therefore taking some time).

Fixes: #64 (closed)

This reverts commit c23cbd6f.

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