Commit c9129ed2 authored by Victor Toso's avatar Victor Toso

display-gst: Improve h264 elements filtering

This patch fixes the avdec_h264 element not being present on
gstvideo_has_codec() which get all decoder elements from GstRegistry
and filter them on our GstCaps in order to get the ones for given

The issue is around the filtering. The current GstCaps for h264 is not
consider a subset of avdec_h264's capabilities and that will filter
this element out of the list.

The proposed solution for that is to set `subsetonly` parameter from
gst_element_factory_list_filter() to false.

While at it, the cap "stream-format=byte-stream" is less useful now
because it isn't needed to play the stream - see 6fe88871

In my system, our debug shows:
.. gstvideo_debug_available_decoders: From 228 video decoder elements,
- 4 can handle caps   image/jpeg: jpegdec, nvdec, avdec_mjpeg, vaapijpegdec
- 3 can handle caps  video/x-vp8: vaapidecodebin, vp8dec, avdec_vp8
- 4 can handle caps video/x-h264: vaapidecodebin, avdec_h264, nvdec, vaapih264dec
- 3 can handle caps  video/x-vp9: vaapidecodebin, vp9dec, avdec_vp9

IRC log on #gstreamer around this issue:

toso  Hi, I'm wondering if I'm getting the documentation wrong about
      the meaning of gst_caps_is_subset()... isn't it "video/x-h264,
      stream-format=3D(string)byte-stream" a subset of "video/x-h264,
      alignment=3D(string)au, stream-format=3D(string){ avc, byte-stream }"=
__tim toso, no, because it's missing the alignment field
__tim which means alignment could be anything
__tim which means it  might not be au
toso  that's a bit confusing, no?
__tim it's not a strict subset :)
toso  I really thought it would be a subset in this case.. meaning, we
      don't care about the aligment on _is_subset
__tim you can do can_intersect() if you don't care
slomo it's an actual subset if you define the abscence of a field as
      "the field can have every possible value"
toso  __tim: problem is that it isn't a subset on calling
toso  slomo: yeah, that was my assumption on the meaning of subset
toso  so, just to confirm, this is the expected behavior and not a
      bug, right? :)
slomo yes
__tim slomo, foo, bar=3D{1,2} is not a subset of  foo, bar=3D1  is it?
slomo but if something does not work as expect for you, that might be
      a bug :)
slomo __tim: correct
slomo __tim: but foo, bar=3D1 is a subset of foo, bar=3D{1,2}
__tim yes
slomo __tim: and foo, bar=3D1 is a subset of foo
slomo __tim: and foo is not a subset of foo, bar=3D1
__tim yes. yes.
__tim andn the case we're talking about is basically  "foo" + "foo,
slomo yes, the first is a superset of the second there
slomo toso: if something does not work for you that might also be a
      bug of course ;)
__tim ok, so not a subset.
__tim then we're on the same page I think :)
toso  slomo: right, my point was that I would like to list the h264
      decoders that are available and I was using `video/x-h264,
      stream-format=3Dbyte-stream` as input for
      gst_element_factory_list_filter() .. and avdec_h264 is the one
      not showing because it needs the aligment
toso  but as I got it wrong, I'll rethink on how to fix it
slomo toso: pass FALSE as the last argument
slomo and you can just use 'video/x-h264'
slomo and with gst_element_factory_list_get_elements() you can make
      sure to get only a list of video decoders to begin with
toso  just gst_element_factory_list_get_elements() gives me like 220
toso  using _type_decoder | _type_media_video | _type_media_image
slomo is that a problem?
toso  trying to reduce that to actual decoding elements
slomo they should be all actual video decoders
slomo and with gst_element_factory_list_filter(list, 'video/x-h264',
      GST_PAD_SINK, FALSE) you can then filter out all non-h264 ones
      dv_	is it generally ok if an audio decoder messes with the
toso  right, let me try that then
toso  slomo, __tim many thanks :)
Signed-off-by: Victor Toso's avatarVictor Toso <>
Acked-by: default avatarMarc-André Lureau <>
parent 3fb475a9
......@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@ gboolean gstvideo_has_codec(int codec_type)
caps = gst_caps_from_string(gst_opts[codec_type].dec_caps);
codec_decoders = gst_element_factory_list_filter(all_decoders, caps, GST_PAD_SINK, TRUE);
codec_decoders = gst_element_factory_list_filter(all_decoders, caps, GST_PAD_SINK, FALSE);
if (codec_decoders == NULL) {
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ static const struct {
* (hardcoded in spice-server), let's add it here to avoid the warning.
"h264parse ! avdec_h264", "video/x-h264,stream-format=byte-stream" },
"h264parse ! avdec_h264", "video/x-h264" },
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