Commit 972a61db authored by Victor Toso's avatar Victor Toso
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channel-usbredir: Fix crash on channel-up

By adding a guard to not handle channel-up on SpiceUsbredirChannel in
case struct usbredirhost wasn't initialized yet. Same guard is in
place for the generic usbredir_handle_msg() function to avoid handling
Server's message while Client's initialization is not done.

As mentioned in commit 291f3e44, this isn't a problem for
graphical clients as some initialization is done to present the
shareable usb devices to user.


Signed-off-by: Victor Toso's avatarVictor Toso <>
Acked-by: Christophe Fergeau's avatarChristophe Fergeau <>
parent 139f84da
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......@@ -817,6 +817,7 @@ static void spice_usbredir_channel_up(SpiceChannel *c)
SpiceUsbredirChannel *channel = SPICE_USBREDIR_CHANNEL(c);
SpiceUsbredirChannelPrivate *priv = channel->priv;
g_return_if_fail(priv->host != NULL);
/* Flush any pending writes */
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