Commit 7ead0ad5 authored by Victor Toso's avatar Victor Toso

CHANGELOG: Prepare for v0.37 release

Signed-off-by: Victor Toso's avatarVictor Toso <>
Acked-by: Frediano Ziglio's avatarFrediano Ziglio <>
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- Deprecated: SpiceMainChannel:color-depth and SpiceSession::color-depth see
([rhbz#1543538] and [rhbz#1350853]).
- Fix race condition on keyboard modifiers
- Fix cursor on Wayland: Fixes hidden cursor #83
- Fix clipboard on X11: avoid request client clipboard data when is known that
there is no data.
- Improve code around usb redirection feature
- Fix on usb redirection: Don't add same device twice
- Fix on smartcard: Warn if multiple readers are detected
- Add instrumentation for frame and queue statistics of SpiceDisplay using
[Recorder] library
- Fix Warnings with GStreamer >= 1.14 on video decoding due setting buffer's PTS
- Fix some Critical warnings when build without GNOME desktop integration
- Fix Criticals when no primary monitor is set
- Documentation fixes
- Added optional dependency: [Recorder]
- Require GStreamer >= 1.10 (optional)
- Require usbredir >= 0.7.1 (optional)
- Translations:
- Added Czech
- Fix Italian
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