Commit 620faed8 authored by Marc-André Lureau's avatar Marc-André Lureau 🎺 Committed by Marc-André Lureau

Prepare 0.27 release

parent 770369a5
- add GStreamer 1.0 audio support
- add LZ4 compression algorithm support
- learn to release the keyboard grab on release keys pressed (ctrl+alt
by default), to let alt+f4/alt-tab and others for client side
- session and channels life-cycle changes: a channel will no longer
hold a reference after session disconnection
- migration fixes, fail early on client provided fds (this is left to
solve in the future)
- fix support for Gtk+ 3.0 on Windows
- clipboard size fixes
- server-side pointer drawing on grab
- new APIs:
- build-sys improvements
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