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Handle corner case checking the card login status + accumulated changes

Jakub Jelen requested to merge jjelen/libcacard:master into master

This is WIP branch improving a corner case of VERIFY APDU, which is supposed to succeed when the user is already logged.

This works fine with OpenSC PKCS#11 module, but does not with the completely emulated smart card (tests/libcacard.c), where the function PK11_IsLoggedIn() seems to return always PR_FALSE. We need to have the same behavior in both of the cases so this needs to be addressed.

Additionally, there is some more debug information added for simpler tracing of the process behavior and the tests adjusted, avoided a deprecation warning from current NSS headers and tests updated to work in current Fedora 29 and RHEL8, where NSS automatically loads the known PKCS#11 modules into the DB.

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