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    Translate Python-based tests to C · 1191262f
    Simon McVittie authored
    This simplifies bootstrapping: now you don't have to build dbus,
    build dbus-python (with GLib), and use dbus-python to test dbus.
    It also avoids test failures when using facilities like
    AddressSanitizer. When libdbus is built with AddressSanitizer, but the
    system copies of Python and dbus-python were not, dbus-python will exit
    the Python interpreter on load, because libasan wasn't already
    initialized. The simplest way to avoid this is to not use Python:
    the scripts are not *that* hard to translate into C.
    Both of these tests happen to be conditionally compiled for Unix only.
    test_activation_forking() relies on code in TestSuiteForkingEchoService
    that calls fork(), which can only work on Unix; meanwhile,
    test_system_signals() tests the system bus configuration, which is
    only relevant to Unix because we don't support using dbus-daemon as
    a privilege boundary on Windows (and in any case D-Bus is not a Windows
    OS feature, so the system bus cannot be used to communicate with...