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    rtpbasepayload: rtpbasedepayload: Add source-info property · f766b85b
    Stian Selnes authored
    Add a source-info property that will read/write meta to the buffers
    about RTP source information. The GstRTPSourceMeta can be used to
    transport information about the origin of a buffer, e.g. the sources
    that is included in a mixed audio buffer.
    A new function gst_rtp_base_payload_allocate_output_buffer() is added
    for payloaders to use to allocate the output RTP buffer with the correct
    number of CSRCs according to the meta and fill it.
    RTPSourceMeta does not make sense on RTP buffers since the information
    is in the RTP header. So the payloader will strip the meta from the
    output buffer.
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