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    glx: Replace broken GLX visual setup with a fixed "all" mode. · 619c4d60
    Eric Anholt authored
    With trying to match depths so that you didn't end up with a depth 24
    fbconfig for the 32-bit composite visual, I broke the alpha bits on the depth
    24 X visual, which angered other applications.  But in fixing that, the
    pickFBconfigs code for "minimal" also could end up breaking GLX visuals if
    the same FBconfig was chosen for more than one X visual.
    We have no reason to not expose as many visuals as possible, but the old
    "all" mode didn't match any existing X visuals to GLX visuals, so normal
    GL apps didn't work at all.
    Instead, replace it with a simple combination of the two modes: Create GLX
    visuals by picking unique FBconfigs with as many features as possible for
    each X visual in order.  Then, for all remaining FBconfigs that are
    appropriate for display, add a corresponding X and GLX visual.
    This gets all applications (even ones that aren't smart enough to do FBconfigs)
    get all the options to get the visual configuration they want.  The only
    potential downside is that the composite ARGB visual is unique and gets a
    nearly full-featured GLX visual (except that the root visual might have taken
    the tastiest FBconfig), which means that a dumb compositing manager could
    waste resources. Write compositing managers using FBconfigs instead, please.
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