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win32: Various fixes

Patrick Gaskin requested to merge pgaskin/pulseaudio:win32-fixes into master
  • Fix privlibdir in (Windows only loads DLLs from the same directory as the executable and doesn't support things like rpath).
  • Fix format specifiers for DWORD values.
  • Use __MINGW_PRINTF_FORMAT instead of __printf__ for MinGW builds. This replaces the old libintl workaround and also fixes many format warnings being displayed erroneously.
  • Fix duplicate definitions in arpa-inet.h, arpa-inet.c, and poll.h. When _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x6000 (Vista), ws2tcpip.h provides inet_ntop and inet_pton, and winsock2.h provides the equivalent of poll.h.
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