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stream-restore: Forget pre-14.0 stream routing

Tanu Kaskinen requested to merge tanuk/pulseaudio:clear-old-devices into master

The first two patches are small general fixes for module-stream-restore. Here's the commit message of the main patch:

stream-restore: Forget pre-14.0 stream routing

Prior to commits f899d5f4669dcd536cc142cee99fe359dd8af3d6 and
f62a49b8cf109c011a9818d2358beb6834e6ec25, GNOME's sound settings
overwrote the routing for all entries in the stream-restore database
when selecting a device. Now we prevent that from happening (see the
aforementioned commits), but the old overwritten settings can still be in
the database after updating to PulseAudio 14.0, and they can cause
problems, as documented here:

We can't distinguish between devices set by GNOME's sound settings
and devices set by the user, so this patch discards all old device
settings, even though that is going to cause PulseAudio to forget routing
settings for many users. This is less bad than keeping the incorrect
routing settings in the database, because it's difficult for users to
figure out how to fix the situation when e.g. speaker test tones go to
the internal speakers no matter what device is selected as the default,
whereas old manual configuration can be restored restored by doing the
manual configuration again. Also, it's probably more common to have at
some point changed the default device in GNOME's sound settings than it
is to have any manual per-stream routing settings.

This is disabled by default, because this causes data loss, but
distributions that use GNOME are recommended to enable this with
the --enable-stream-restore-clear-old-devices (Autotools) or
-Dstream-restore-clear-old-devices=true (Meson) build option.


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