alsa-ucm: allow binding same mic to multiple profiles

Libin Yang requested to merge libinyang/pulseaudio:multi-profile_mic into master

When UCM configure assigns the same mic to different profiles, such as Speaker.conf: ... SectionDevice."Mic" { xxxx } ...

HiFi.conf: (use the same Mic} ... SectionDevice."Mic" { xxxx } ...

In this case, Speaker and HiFi profiles should both support "Mic" device.

However, in ucm_add_port_combination(), pulseaudio will check if the port has been already created before (In speaker.conf in in case), HiFi will never have chance to put the port to itself. This will cause HiFi don't support "MiC".

This patch's logic is: Create the port if necessary. Add the port as per the UCM requirement.

Signed-off-by: Libin Yang

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