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Update nameToUnicodeTextTab table from glyphtounicode.tex in TeX Live

Vincent Lefevre requested to merge vinc17/poppler:nametounicode into master

Table regenerated using

  perl -ne '/\\pdfglyphtounicode\{(\w+)\}\{([0-9A-F]{4})\}/ and
            print " " x 64 . "{ 0x".lc($2).", \"$1\" },\n"' \

with TeX Live 2023; replaced the [A-Z] and [a-z] parts separately (due to entries that do not start with a letter between them).

This fixes the mapping of some glyph names (such as dotlessj for "ȷ") and adds missing mappings (such as circleminus for \ominus in LaTeX).

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