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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 24.004.60 Release: 24.004.60
    - Rendering fixes for freetype plugin
    - Improved debuggability
    - Input fixes
    - More robust fallback behavior when distro don't ship fonts or xkb configuration
    - Translation updates
  • 23.360.11 Release: 23.360.11
    - Work better in environments that don't have fontconfig and xkeyboard-config
    - Fix systemd integration
    - Make initramfses without renderer plugins still work
  • 23.358.4 Release: 23.358.4
    - Crasher fixes in initramfs
  • 23.356.9 Release: 23.356.9
    - Fix crash when NULL is passed to labels
    - ply-keymap-icon: Fix memory leak
    - Fix tarball builds
    - Fix out of bounds write
  • 23.51.283 Release: 23.51.283
    - DRM improvements: Upgrades to the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) for better handling of display rendering and support.
    - Scripts module improvements: Various fixes and enhancements
    - Introduction of label-freetype plugin: A new plugin for text rendering, uses a reduced disk footprint for the initramfs
    - Support for /dev/input devices: Input now uses standard XKB layout information instead of relying on the console tty
    - Meson build system integration: Transition to the Meson build system for more efficient and manageable builds.
    - Integrated Console: Most plugins now work with kernels that don't have fbcon, via a built in terminal emulator.
    - Rich text support for labels: Plymouth text can now come in different colors (and when using pango different styles)
    - Localization improvements: Addition of Hindi, Romanian, Georgian, Occidental, and Lithuanian translations.
    - System-reset splash mode: A new splash mode for indicating factory reset progress
  • 22.02.122 Release: 22.02.122
    - Fixes with BGRT theme
    - Add --ignore-serial-consoles to plymouthd
    - Add ThemeDir config option
    - Add timeout and error for plymouth --ping
    - Honor rotated screens and video= on kernel command line
    - Support monitor hotplug change events
    - Fixes for text theme
    - Rework shutdown handling to provide cleaner take down
    - Misc other fixes
    - Translations
  • 0.9.5
    - Add new firmware-upgrade mode
    - Deprecate some cruft, expunge some old code
    - Add keyboard layout indicator
    - Add translations
    - Improve boot.log output
    - Darmatically rework DRM renderer
    - Add support for EFI vendor provided logos
    - Theme updates
    - Misc fixes
  • 0.9.4
    This release:
          Support monitor rotation
          Better monitor mode selection logic
          Throbber animation fix
          Support themes with subdirs
          Fix activation race for quick booting machines
          X11 renderer fixes
          Minor build fixes
          Shell script compat fixes
          Don't run in containers
          Minor docs updates
          Other misc fixes
  • 0.9.3
    This release:
          HiDpi support
          Look in /run preferentially for themes and configuration
          Serial console fixes
          Various udev related fixes
          Allow themes to have subdirectories
          Change configure defaults to match common systemd systems
          Drawing optimizations
          Crasher fixes
          Misc fixes
  • 0.9.2
    2c437c36 · configure: bump to 0.9.2 ·
    This release:
          Add noise texture to spinner theme
          Change default text splash's colors
          fixes to throbber control
          udev fixes
          script plugin fixes
          Remove the old log viewer tool
          x11: Port to GTK+ 3.0
          fixes to animation control
          allow two step to have separate shutdown animation
          systemd fixes
          use new coding style
          use correct utf-8 multibyte sequence for ■ in text progress bar control
          init=/bin/sh fixes
          misc fixes
  • 0.9.0
    e3a0ce8e · configure: bump to 0.9.0 ·
    This release:
    - Use udev for graphics device enumeration
    - Add new text plugin to replace the tribar one
    - Add background tiling and watermark support to two-step
    - Make various plymouth commands that change state be resilient to being
      called multiple times
    - Support going back to the initrd at shutdown
    - Keyfile parser improvements
    - Make plymouthd use better defaults when running on top of X11
    - Fixes for systems using QXL
    - minor two-step plugin fixes
    - Use /sys/class/tty/console/active instead of parsing /proc/cmdline for consoles
    - Documentation improvements
    - Drop driver specific renderers and use generic driver across the board
    - Better debug message output
    - systemd integration fixes
    - upstart integration fixes
    - initrd scripts fixes
    - Misc fixes
  • 0.8.8
    f3b9d25f · configure: bump to 0.8.8 ·
    This release:
      - quiets compiler warnings
      - improves debugging messages
      - improves system integration
      - fixes some bugs in the system update feature
      - changes the X11 renderer to be fullscreen by default
  • 0.8.7
    b56535a5 · configure: bump to 0.8.7 ·
    This release:
    - adds a text alignment feature to the script plugin
    - fixes systemd integration in the initrd.
    - fixes quitting for throbgress based plugins
    - improves os name parsing
    This is a brown bag release.
    It's only change is:
    - Fix up Makefile to properly install systemd .path file
  • 0.8.6
    This is a minor update release.
    Some changes include:
    - fix flush_area fast-path
    - Drop dead code
    - seed random number generator by default for script plugins
    - allow plymouth to be built without gtk dependency
    - cope with lack of /etc/os-release better
    - pull in systemd unit files
    - add support for new "updates" mode for doing package updates
      (only available for some plugins at the moment)
    This is a brown bag release, which merely allows plymouth
    to be built without the driver dependent libdrm_* libraries,
    but still include the drm renderer.
  • 0.8.5
    This is a minor update release.
    Some changes include:
    - two-step splash plugin quit fixes
    - add generic driver to drm renderer plugin
      This allows new modesetting drivers to work with plymouth automatically
    - fixes for video cards that don't support 32bpp
    - add alignment and width features to label controls
    - new documentation
    - event loop fix
    - more serial console fixes
    - better systemd integration
    - new flush api to client library
  • 0.8.4
    This is a long overdue, but still relatively
    minor bug fix release.  There have been some small features
    since 0.8.3, too. Since this release is overdue, a lot of these
    changes aren't *new* and distros may already be shipping them.
    Changes include:
    - plymouth client hang fix
    - support for different fonts in the label control
    - updates to work with newer libpng
    - set-default-theme quoting fixes
    - better support for serial consoles
    - support for 'ignore-keystroke' and 'hide-message' commands
    - better integration with upstart and systemd
    - fd leak fixes
    - more configuration options for throbgress plugin
    - better conditionalize drm build requirements
    - terminal fixes
    - drm renderer fixes
    - x11 renderer fixes
    - improved debug logging output
    - support corner cases for animations better
    - use /dev/fb0 instead of /dev/fb for framebuffer
    - change how we do socket communciation between client and daemon
    - add --kernel-command-line option to override /proc/cmdline
    - miscellaneous other changes
    - buildsystem fixes
  • 0.8.3
    2ea21378 · [configure] bump to 0.8.3 ·
    This is primarily a bug fix release.  Changes include:
    - pixel buffer api cleanups
    - entry ask question fixes
    - ability to access configuration from script plugins
    - fix parsing of plymouth:debug and plymouth:splash on kernel cmdline
    - build fixes
    - export config dirs through pkgconfig
    - improve robustness of event loop
    - lock other programs out of mucking with tty while plymouth is running
    - fix small race when vt switching on quit
    - fixes to throbber control
    - always set progress to 100% before quitting splashes
    - improve boot time estimation heuristics
    - add new features to two-step plugin
    - queue messages for later replay
  • 0.8.2
    c4f46b62 · [configure] bump to 0.8.1 ·
    This is a bug fix release.  Changes include:
    - Improved debugging verbosity
    - Keyboard handling fixes
    - Build fixes with wonky libdrm versions
    - Better tty handling on crashes
    - Improved robustness when unloading and reloading splashes
    - "Enter key" support in watch-for-keystroke command
    - Alpha channel support for text in script plugin
    - Better backward compatibility in plymouth-set-default-theme
      with old symlink method.