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    Avoid out-of-bounds read when accessing individual bytes from mask. · e93eaff5
    Jonathan Kew authored and Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson committed
    The important changes here are a handful of places where we replace
                memcpy(&m, mask++, sizeof(uint32_t));
    or similar code with
                uint8_t m = *mask++;
    because we're only supposed to be reading a single byte from *mask,
    and accessing a 32-bit value may read out of bounds (besides that
    it reads values we don't actually want; whether this matters would
    depend exactly how the value in m is subsequently used).
    I've also changed a bunch of other places to use this same pattern
    (a local 8-bit variable) when reading individual bytes from the mask;
    the code was inconsistent about this, sometimes casting the byte to
    a uint32_t instead. This makes no actual difference, it just seemed
    better to use a consistent pattern throughout the file.